The Idaho Rangeland Outdoors Adventure Mobile (IROAM) youth education project is a cooperative endeavor of the Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission, University of Idaho, Bureau of Land Management, Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, U.S. Forest Service, and the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  The “Roaming the Range with Sage” workbook (above) is designed to take students on a seasonal adventure through Idaho’s rangelands in the IROAM trailer (below) or tent.  Take this video tour of the IROAM trailer to learn more about what is included in this “adventure.” Coming soon is a four-part book series “Four Seasons with Sage” which takes the reader through the season from the perspective of Sage.

To reserve the trailer or tent, complete and return the I-ROAM reservation form.

The IROAM Rangeland Curriculum provides lessons and activities for K-12 students that can be used for outdoor schools and classroom lessons.  The educational trailer compliments the curriculum and can be easily integrated when teaching the various sections of the curriculum.  Each section below includes an IROAM guide book, activities, and PowerPoints.  The curriculum can be modified and adjusted to meet each teacher’s specific needs.

Life on the Range  is an educational project with more than 60 videos and written stories about rangeland management, ranching, and recreation on Idaho rangelands.  A few examples are shared in the tabs below for your convenience.  The categories include cattle, sheep, education, conservation, noxious weeds, land management, and fire and rehabilitation. This website is updated often with new materials and resources.

IROAM Badges provide rangeland lessons that can be used in the classroom, on field trips, and with the IROAM trailer.  IROAM Badge lessons/activities can take as little as 5 minutes, or can be expanded to guide students on longer adventures through rangeland.  IROAM Badges focus on rangeland careers and use Sage as the guide.

Any reproduction or distribution must be approved by the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission.

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IROAM Badges

Each badge focuses on a rangeland career.  Badges (i.e., stickers) can be requested from the IRRC to distribute to students when they complete the badge.  Most lessons/activities can be used for field trips, with the IROAM trailer, and in the classroom with few modifications.

Rangeland Explorer

Explore rangeland and learn about the importance of biodiversity.

Rangeland Explorer Handout


Rangeland Rancher

Ranchers manage livestock and the land with many different tools.  On this adventure you will identify the tools you find.

Rangeland Rancher Handout


Rangeland Manager

Rangeland managers have “hands-on” jobs that involve rangeland plants, livestock, wildlife and their environment.  On this adventure, you will learn about the major land cover types in Idaho and wildlife habitat.

Rangeland Manager Handout

Rangeland Scientist

Rangeland scientist focus on many different topics including plants, livestock, wildlife, the environment (including wildfires and climate) and all the interactions between them.  Some rangeland scientist focus on economics and others are social scientist that focus on how humans interact with the environment and each other!  In these activities, you will learn about plant roots and the influence of precipitation on how plants grow each year.

Rangeland Scientist (Plant Roots) Handout

Rangeland Scientist (Precipitation Wheel) Handout (IROAM Trailer activity)

Rangeland Steward

We can all be stewards of rangeland!  A steward is responsible to care for the land.  On this adventure, you will be asked to notice how people use rangeland and think of ways we can all work together to keep rangeland healthy.

Rangeland Steward Handout

Rangeland Firefighter

Firefighters risk their lives to protect us when fires start.  On these adventures you will learn about the fire triangle, common causes of fire on rangeland, and what you can do to prevent wildfires.

Rangeland Firefighter (Fire Triangle) Handout

Rangeland Firefighter (Wildfire Causes) Handout