The Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission is a state agency that educates students, teachers and the general public about the values of public lands grazing and multiple use management on lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Idaho Department of Lands.

These lands benefit from responsible rangeland management, and through our educational and public outreach efforts, the IRRC works to ensure that the public understands the value of public lands grazing. Utilizing research-based grazing management practices creates healthy lands, healthy livestock and abundant wildlife.

A recent public opinion poll conducted by the University of Idaho for IRRC found that 90 percent of Idaho residents approve of livestock grazing as a legitimate practice on public lands.

Of all the rangeland in Idaho, only 20 percent is privately deeded property. Private land is critical to healthy wildlife populations because it generally provides access to water and valuable habitat. Working with Idaho Fish & Game, IRRC seeks to increase the knowledge of and respect for these lands from hunters. Educating this audience is a high priority for IRRC.

The IRRC seeks to provide helpful resources for Idaho ranchers from trusted sources. Register and log into our members area to tap into our existing resources, including research, issue papers and booklets. Please provide feedback if you have ideas about other resources we should share.

If your private grazing areas or public grazing allotments are located in areas that receive frequent recreation use, consider ordering free Care/Share signs and posters to minimize conflicts with recreationists. The signs help educate recreationists about livestock use in your area and give visitors a head’s up as to when livestock will be grazing in the area.

If you are interested in reading the results of a study on cattle and wolf interactions,  download this study:

Wolves-A Primer for Ranchers (1226 KB)

Be sure to visit our education, recreation and news pages to see how IRRC is working to support Idaho ranchers and tell your story.