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Nearly half of Idaho is classified as rangeland. Eighty percent of rangelands are managed by either a federal or state agency. It is essential for the citizens of Idaho to have a good understanding of the ecology and management of these lands. IRRC’s role is to create programs and materials to increase public understanding of the ecology of Idaho’s rangelands and how they are managed.


Foster a shared understanding of the value of Idaho’s rangeland and ranching communities.


Strong public support of working rangelands as a renewable natural resource providing economic, ecological, and social health in Idaho.


  • To increase public understanding that Idaho’s rangelands are a renewable source of important consumer products and environmental values.
  • To provide, coordinate, and disseminate factual information about the economic and environmental aspects of grazing management practices.
  • To promote public support for Idaho’s livestock industry.
  • To help achieve and maintain a healthy livestock industry through responsible rangeland stewardship.
  • To advocate balanced use of rangeland resources.

IRRC conducts periodic public opinion polls to understand the what the public perceptions are on rangeland issues.

2022 IRRC/GEM3_Survey Report

IRRC 2015 Public Opinion Survey Slides

IRRC 2015 Public Opinion Survey Summary Report

The Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission is prohibited by law from advocating specific legislation or political candidates. It is a state agency with an educational mission. The IRRC is not a regulatory agency.

Board & Staff

A volunteer board of five voting members, nominated by the aforementioned organizations and appointed by the Governor, governs the IRRC. They each serve up to two five-year terms.

Board Members:

Darcy Helmick, Chairman

Grand View, ID

Merrill Beyeler

Leadore, ID

Elizabeth Moss

Hamer, ID

Dawn Holmes

Indian Valley, ID

Mark Pratt

Blackfoot, ID

Commission Staff:

Gretchen Hyde, Executive Director

Address: P.O. Box 126 • Emmett, ID 83617
Phone: (208) 398-7002 • 1-877 ID RANGE (toll free in Idaho)

Advisory Members:

BLM State Director

1387 S. Vinnell Way | Boise, ID 83709

Society for Range Management President

Idaho Section

Idaho Department of Lands Director

300 N 6th St, Ste. 103 | Boise, ID 83702

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean

University of Idaho | Moscow, ID 83844-2331

Idaho Department of Agriculture Director

P. O. Box 790 | Boise, ID 83707

College of Natural Resources

University of Idaho | Moscow, ID 83844-1131

University of Idaho Rangeland Center Partners Advisory Council


Natural Resource Conservation Service

3244 Elder Street | Boise, ID 83705

United State Forest Service

Regional Supervisors

Idaho Fish & Game Director

600 S. Walnut | Boise, ID 83712

In the early 1990s, the Idaho Cattle Association, the Idaho Wool Growers Association and the Idaho Rangeland Committee saw a need for increasing the public’s knowledge and understanding about rangeland management. These organizations jointly proposed enabling legislation to create the first “Rangeland Resource Commission” in the United States. The Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission, a state agency, was created by House Bill No. 910, Chapter No. 14, Title No. 58, Idaho Code, which was passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Cecil Andrus during the 1994 legislative session.