Vital Rangelands, Thriving Communities and Abundant Wildlife

Attend the first annual meeting on Jan. 15-16 by registering here for this free event!

IRCP Mission: to bring together ranchers, conservationists, agencies, recreationists, scientists and others rangeland stakeholders to conserve and enhance the social, ecologic and economic values that rangelands provide through shared learning and action.

IRCP Principles:
✓ Collaborative with an emphasis on consensus based approaches
✓ Inclusive and transparent
✓ Focus on shared learning
✓ Committed to science-based solutions that provide social, ecologic and economic benefits
✓ Act in good faith, promote respectful engagement and foster understanding

IRCP Purposes/Products:
Partnership Building
➢ Provide platform for member organizations to exchange information
➢ Build understanding and relationship among organizations to facilitate collaboration and leverage greater influence
➢ Foster funding, technical expertise and other support for collaborative and locally led initiatives/projects
Learning Network
➢ Host and support workshops, webinars and events to share learning (what works and what does not work)
➢ Support and share findings from various reports and analysis on a variety of topics such as, social & economic benefits of healthy rangelands, agency guidelines and policy, new tools/resources for monitoring and other topics
➢ Create a website that acts as a clearinghouse for rangeland partners with focus on linking to other sites with rangeland information
Advocate for Rangelands
➢ Development and use of an interdisciplinary approach to research & monitoring that utilizes multiple sources of valid and verified information, including academic, agency, landowner, user, citizen and organization
➢ Foster funding, technical expertise and other support for collaborative, objective and rangeland management

Idaho Rangeland Conservation Partnership Charter


Contact: Brenda Richards, Idaho Rangeland Conservation Partnership Coordinator at (208)880-3558 or for more information.

This is a new organization started in Sept. 2018.  The permanent website is being developed.
The IRRC is hosting as a service to the IRCP.  Please check back soon for more information.