The Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission partners with the University of Idaho, Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission, and Adams Soil Conservation District to host the Annual Idaho Rangeland Skillathon.

This event qualifies participants to attend the national Wildlife Habitat Education Program. Topics covered in this event include rangeland plant identification, soil identification, rangeland wildfire mitigation, wildlife and rangeland management challenges.

Meeting materials for training students for this event are below:

2018 Idaho Rangeland Skillathon Contest rules

4-H Meeting 1 Registration +

4-H Meeting 1 Vocabulary +

Ice Cream Plants +
A Science activity where students will learn about grazing and how wildlife and livestock can co-exist on rangelands. Students will also look at skulls from carnivores and herbivores and discover why they eat what they eat. (288 KB)

Tasty Edible Dirt +
A Science followup activity to the “Soiled Art” Lesson, where students will use their previous knowledge to make their own cup of dirt patterning it after a soil profile. (101 KB)

What is in Soil?+
A Science lesson where students will examine different kinds of soils, learn what they are composed of, and learn how rangeland plants are impacted by the type of soil. (631 KB)

How to Collect, Press, and Mount Plants +

Rangeland Vegetation Inventory Manual +

Youth Plant ID Guide +

4-H Meeting 5: Animal Identification Guide +

4-H Meeting 5: Name Game Animal Pictures +

Fire Facts+
This is an overview of elements and facts about fire. (216 KB)

Huge Fires Impact Ranchers Listening Comprehension Questions +
Vocabulary and listening comprehension questions that go with the Listening Comprehension lesson plan and “Huge FIres Impact Ranchers” video on (92 KB)

Rangeland Roots-Energy Lesson +

10 Common Grasses and Grass-Like Plants +

For more study materials, look under the Education tab at Lessons & Activities and Links.